Simple Steps In Taking Care Of Futons

A futon mattress can last long if only with the right amount of TLC given to it. With the proper care you are sure to make your futon last longer than its regular usage. Here are some tips that you can use in order to take care of your futons for cheap.

Taking Care of Futons

Use a futon cover

Not many people know that using a futon cover will help them in taking care of their futons. You see, by simply using a cover you can avoid getting your mattress stained, oils, or dust. Futon covers come in different thickness so you have to make up your mind what thickness suits you best. This is perhaps the best ways in taking care of futons and make it last longer.

Use a mattress pad

This is imperative if you want it keep your futon mattress clean. The pad will be in between the sheet that acts as the cover for the futon and the mattress itself. This means that if you accidentally spill any liquid on the mattress, it will not soak directly to the futon because the pad will act as a last minute defense to keep the liquid from drenching the mattress.

Flip futon every once in a while

If you are using the futon as a sofa, flip it at least once in every month, and rotate it every time you change your sheets if you are using it as a bed. By doing this you can make sure that the surface of the mattress will remain leveled with each side.

Sundry your futon

Take note to sundry your mattress once in every 6 months. This exercise will help you keep the mattress fresh. When doing this make sure that you expose the futon to the sun. Better do this on a weekend so you can hang it out all day. This is actually a common step in taking care of futons as well as other related bedding.

Air the mattress every morning

This is necessary so that no moisture will accumulate in the core of the futon and cause bad odors. To do this you only need to lift the bottom of the futon and let it “breathe” for a minimum of 30 minutes before you fix the futon granting that you have been using it as a bed.

Vacuum the futon

Vacuuming your futon will help in keeping it dust free so try to do this as often as you can, although weekends is a very good time to do that so you don’t have to worry about getting late for your job. Anyway it is rather important to keep your futon as dust minimal as possible because that is a major cause for coughs and colds. Using the vacuum is quite simple and is perhaps the easiest step in taking care of futons where you wouldn’t even need to move it or flip it over although that would be a good idea.

Set some time to wash the mattresses

Nothing beats the cleaning that washing can do especially with mattresses. However, before you resort to this exercise take note to read the cleaning instructions from the manufacturer. That way, you will have an idea how to go about the washing.