Futon Mattress Repair Tips

We can’t avoid it if our futon mattresses get dirty, have holes in them, or needs to be overhauled as the years pass because these are the signs that they have been constantly used over the time. However if you do not take the effort to fix your mattresses, you might need to replace them every few years or so. Needless to say, if you want to refrain from buying a new futon, here some tips on how you can take good care of your futons for cheap and do some repairs if need be.

Dirt and stains are the most common enemies of a futon and that is why they are the first on our list. In order to avoid your mattress from directly getting stained, it is best if you have a cover for it. That way, you can simply machine wash the cover when it gets dirty. You can also damp a small cloth and run it on the spot that has a stain on your futon. You may also vacuum your futon but you have read the manufacturer’s instructions on how to clean them so that you can avoid damaging them when cleaning.

Smokers might have a little problem when it comes to cigarette burns on their futons. When this happens, cut around the hole so that you can have an easy shape to sew over. Most of the time, a square is cut over the hole so that people can easily find anything that’s square to cover the hole. Do the same for any hole that you see on the futon. If you want, you can also find those animal shapes that are commonly used to cover holes so that your futon will just look like it has designs instead of patches sewn over.

If your problem is collapsed futon, all you have to do is to open up its case and stuff more filling inside. This can be very easy if you have an old futon that you do not use anymore so you can use its filling for the one you’re repairing. It will also help in making the futon fluffier if you sort of massage the filling. Try to break them apart and put them together so they look like cotton balls put together. As for damaged springs, you can always bring them to a shop because they are quite difficult to fix on your own and most people do not have any experiences regarding fixing damages springs in a futon.

Don’t forget these futon mattress repair tips if ever you do encounter such problems. Fix it before it turns for the worse then you would need to replace the whole thing.